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Digital Cable TV Service

Enjoy a wide variety of channels and programming with PNCC's affordable Basic TV Service.  Premium channels are also offered, including HBO and Cinemax, Call customer service at 488-9000 for current rates and special packages.

There's a new world of technology for Palau's cable television service. Island Cable TV has converted to a digital system and is now called PNCC Digital TV. You'll enjoy a better quality of service and convenient new options, including:

  • Quicker service activation TV guide
  • Clearer picture & sound
  • Onscreen & online TV Guide  for Palau's most popular channels (also published in Island Times and Palau Horizon).
  • Digital radio channels
  • Premium package savings
  • Parental controls
  • Program your own line-up with your favorite channels
  • Program scheduling / reminder feature
PNCC Digital TV offers over 46 channels of entertainment, movies, news, music, educational, and children's programming in our Basic Service, including two local channels. Save money with discount packages for premium services like HBO, Cinemax, Star Select and The Filipino Channel. Check out the Palau Visitors Channel on 37, your guide to paradise!


About Your Set Top Box (STB)

All digital TV outlets require a Set Top Box to operate. Each Set Top Box comes with a remote control and a personalized Smart Card that includes all your subscription data. If the Smart Card is removed or tampered with then your TV service will not work.

Please report immediately to 611 if your STB is stolen and any unauthorized use will be blocked by PNCC.

All Set Top Boxes are the property of PNCC.


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