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The Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) is the Republic of Palau’s national carrier for local and international telecommunications services. After World War II, telecommunications became the responsibility of the U.N. Trust Territory Administration.

However, in 1982 that function was privatized, resulting in the incorporation of PNCC. At that time PNCC had less than 200 customers. In addition, a growing list of pending service orders was inherited from the Trust Territory government along with an undersized and outdated telecommunications system. During the first decade of PNCC’s existence, the young company was challenged to find ways to upgrade the system and meet the nation’s growing demand for services. LightNet 2000, called “Ukedel a Llomes 2000” in Palauan, was initiated in 1994 with the goal of providing all 16 Palauan states with universal telephone service, as well as the option of advanced communications services.

Funded by a loan from the U.S. Rural Utilities Service (RUS), a new digital switching system was installed to serve the nation. The outdated aerial cable plant was completely replaced with a combination of buried fiber optics and copper, plus microwave facilities to reach Kayangel and Angaur. In the past twenty years, PNCC has made vast system and operating improvements. Digital switching and fiber optic technologies have been implemented and subscription have increased to more than 20,000. Today, PNCC has one of the highest telephone penetration rates in the Pacific region and offers a full array of basic and advanced telecommunications services, including local and long distance telephone, Internet access, digital cable television, and GSM mobile wireless communications.
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