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What is the difference between POP3 and SMTP? POP3 (Post-Office-Protocol) is a text based protocol used to receive email messages while SMTP (Simple-Mail-Transfer-Protocol) is used primarily to send email messages. In other words, POP3 is for incoming mail; SMTP for outgoing mail. MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape are some of the email programs using POP3 and SMTP. If you are using PalauNet email service, then the POP3 and the SMTP server should be “mail.palaunet.com” in your email program. Top
If I forgot my password, how do I recover it? There is no recovery of a forgotten password. You will need to visit either Customer Service or Sales & Marketing in Koror to change the password. PNCC can not see your password so you may want to write it down and keep it in a safe Top and secure location.
Is PNCC DSL service available in my area? DSL service is available in Airai, Koror, Melekeok and Ngaraard. PNCC has plans to extend the service to the rest of the island in the very near future. If you have a request for DSL or other IP related service in your area which is not covered or information is not available, please email us at pncc@palaunet.com and address it to General Manager or you may email our Sales Section at pnccsales@palaunet.com. Please try to be specific and detailed Top in your email.
Why do I keep getting disconnected when I use my PalauNet dial-up? Here are a few things you can check:
1. Are the computer modem and telephone line working?
2. Do you establish a connection to the PalauNet server without any error message(s) or are you getting error message(s)?
3. Does your connection immediately get disconnected once it is connected?
4. Do you have anti-virus scanning installed in your computer and is it running concurrently with email programs? If yes, then most likely the anti-virus program is interfering with the connection. You need to check and to make sure it is not in the way of the connection. If all the above do not help, then check the following:
1. Are you sharing the same telephone line with modem? If yes, disconnect the telephone and use the line only for the modem. Try connecting again and note any/all problems you encounter.
2. Contact PalauNet Technical Support at 587-9696 or email techsup@palaunet.com for further   Top assistance.
I have received a garbled file attached to my mail. What could have caused that? Some data could have been lost while in the process of delivering the mail. Or, there could be something wrong with the settings of either the sender or recipient of the mail. Please ask your sender to resend the file and observe if there is any improvement. If none helps, send a copy of the garbled file to techsup@palaunet.com and provide an explanation of your situation. Top
Does PalauNet offer an Unlimited Plan? Yes. Please contact Customer Service at 488-9000 or the Sales & Marketing Section at 488-9600 for the different PalauNet Dial-up plans that may suit your Top needs.
After I sign-up for PalauNet Dial-up service, how soon can I start using it? If you are an existing customer with a current payment history, your newly created PalauNet Dial-up account should begin to work within 24 hours. If you are a new customer and have not had any service with us, your application is subject for credit check. Therefore, activation of your PalauNet Dial-up account may take up to 72 hours at the most. Please provide all the necessary documents and information at the time of registration to expedite the process.
1. Completed Customer Registration Form
2. $50.00 Deposit + $10.00 Connection Fee (Applicable per account)
3. Preferred User ID (3 to 23 characters, no spaces or #s) Top
How do I contact PalauNet Technical Support for technical issues and support? You can contact them via email at techsup@palaunet.com or you may call 587-9696. Top
What does cc: mean? “cc” stands for Carbon Copy. This is used if you would like to send copies of your email message to several people. Top
Why does my email get stuck when downloading? There is a possibility that a large file is attached to one of your messages being downloaded. When you are using MS Outlook or Outlook Express, the mail retrieval is unable to take the big file so it times out or hang up and there is no activity. You can verify this by logging in to PalauNet WebMail at http://mail.palaunet.com, login with same username and password and view all messages and locate the specific message with large attachment And remove if you do not need it or download using this WebMail interface. After you’ve downloaded it, remove it and close WebMail. Return to MS Outlook or Outlook Express and check email download time. The problem sho Top uld be fixed.
Why is my dial-up connection to the Internet very slow? Here are a few questions you could answer in order to help you identify the problem:
1. Has your connection always been slow, since you first signed up for the service and have you encountered this problem on a daily basis? If yes, then most likely the telephone line is bad, noisy and/or you may have an old computer that has an old operating system (Windows 95 or 98) and a slow modem. You may call PNCC Trouble Desk at 611 and request to have your telephone line tested for data communication. Unfortunately, PNCC cannot upgrade or repair outdated computers and programs, for that you need to contact a computer vendor.
2. Your connection is fairly normal except recently you have started to experience slow connection. If this is the case, then you need to scan your computer for viruses and spywares. Sometimes these things affect the performance of your computer when connected to the Internet. After you have performed a system scan, connect and observe for any improvement.
3. You can also isolate the problem by using a different computer and a different telephone line but use the same username and password. Log in to Internet and observe the speed. Is there any improvement? If there is, then most likely your computer is slow or your telephone line is bad or probably both.
4. If this is the first time you have experienced unusual slowness and most web sites can not be opened, there might be a major internet outage. Please call PalauNet HelpDesk at 587-9696 to either report the issue or to get more information. Top
How do I change the password for my PalauNet dial-up account? A password change can be done through PNCC’s WebCare only if you know the old password. You can access WebCare through either LocalNet or Internet and it’s accessible from anywhere in the world. To access WebCare:
1. Open your browser.
2. Type in http://webcare.palaunet.com in the address bar.
3. On the left of the screen, locate and click on “Login to Customer Support.”
4. Enter your Registration number and password. (If you do not have one, please visit Customer Service in Koror or Airai to sign up.)
5. Click “Log On”
6. Now you are in the PNCC WebCare System
7. Click on the “Subscriptions” tab on the top of the page and locate “Internet Subscriptions”
8. Click on the subscription number under “Internet Subscriptions”
9. Scroll down until you locate “Change Password” in the lower right corner of the screen. You MUST provide the OLD PASSWORD in order to change to a NEW ONE.

NOTE: If you do not know your old password, you will need to visit Customer Service or the Sales Section to get a new password. Top
Is it possible to catch a virus through emails? Yes, it is possible. However, not from the message itself but generally from the file attach ments. File downloads from the Internet can also contain viruses. Make sure to always update your anti-virus and anti-spam programs and scan your computer daily or weekly to ensure that your computer is virus-free. Top
There are mails which I’ve sent that bounce back to me. Why was it undelivered? There are few possible reasons:
1. The email address of the intended recipient was probably incorrect or no longer exists.
2. Your recipient mail server is temporarily down. You may try to resend at a later time.
3. Send the complete error message with your explanation to techsup@palaunet.com so it can be investigated further.
I cannot connect to the LocalNet or Internet access numbers? There may be reasons why your dial-up connection fails:
1. A noisy phone line, or an engaged tone (line used by another device like a telephone or fax) so there is no dial tone going to the modem. Or, your telephone line has been disconnected.
2. Make sure that you are dialing either 762-7622 for LocalNet or 762-2050 for the Internet.
3. Make sure you are using a valid username and password.
4. Do you get an error message when your computer is trying to establish a connection to the PalauNet server? If so, what is the error message? Please note any problems and messages that you get and call PalauNet Technical Support at 587-9696 or send an email to techsup@palaunet.com and provide a detailed description of your problem. Top
When I click connect, there is a message saying there is no dial-tone. Why? Here are a few of the things that you can do:
1. Make sure that you have dial-tone by connecting the line to the phone and making a call.
2. Make sure the telephone line connected to modem is securely in place, not loose.
3. If you are able to make a call, then telephone line is good.
4. Most likely, the modem is not working or, there is another device (fax, telephone extension, etc.) sharing the telephone dial-tone thus, preventing the modem from working. Top
How many email accounts will I get with a dial-up plan? Regardless of your dial-up plan, you will get one (1) email account. If you require more, you need to sign up for another plan. PalauNet Top also offers an email-only plan.
How long are my emails saved in the PalauNet Email server? PalauNet email server will only keep emails up to 30 days. Users are advised to always download their emails to their computers using MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, or other email programs with POP3/SMTP capability. To see copies of current emails in the PalauNet Email server, log in to http://mail.palaunet.com Top
What are the PalauNet Mail Settings?
The PalauNet Mail settings are:
POP3 Server: mail.palaunet.com
SMTP Server: mail.palaunet.com Top
What are the PalauNet Dialup Numbers? There are two access numbers and each access requires a valid username and password.
1. Internet Access Number: 762-2050 (Charged while on-line)
2. LocalNet Access Number: 762-7622 (Free access) Top
No dial tone. This occurs when Windows cannot detect a dial tone from your modem or your telephone line has been disconnected. If disconnected, please call PNCC Customer Service at 488-9000 for more information. If not disconnected, try the following:

1. Locate the phone line that runs from the wall jack to the modem.
2. Unhook the cord from the modem jack and plug it into a regular telephone handset. If you do not hear a dial tone, then the phone line is bad or the actual phone line not getting a dial tone. Try switching to another phone line to see if the problem goes away. You can also try another phone jack, if there is more than one jack for that phone.
3. If you do hear a dial tone when you hook up a handset, then the modem is not receiving the dial tone correctly from the phone line. This can be caused by a faulty modem or corrupted Windows modem drivers. In either case, you will want to check the modem or computer manuals for more information or contact a computer vendor for assistance. Top
The computer modem is not responding. Whenever Windows needs to connect to the internet, it will need FULL control of the modem in order to dial and connect. Sometimes other programs will take control of the modem, preventing Windows from being able to access the modem. Here are a few quick diagnostic steps you take to try and fix the problem:

1. Make sure the telephone line you are using has dial-tone and is securely connected to the modem port of your computer.
2. Reboot your computer clicking Start>Shutdown>Shutdown>OK.
3. If you completely shutdown, then power up your computer again.
4. Try connecting again. This will fix problems with Windows about 4 out of 5 times, because it will free up other programs that may have taken control of the modem. If rebooting and shutting down your computer does not help, you may need to check your modem settings or consult with a computer Top vendor.
Why does it take so long to connect to LocalNet or the Internet? Normal waiting time to establish connection to either access number (762-7622/762-2050) should be within 20 to 35 seconds. If this takes much longer for you, you may have a bad telephone line or a faulty connection. Please contact PNCC Trouble Desk at 611 or send an email to techsup@palaunet.com and request for your line to be tested for data connection. Top
What is PalauNet DSL service? How does it work? DSL stands for Digital Subscriber Line. It is a technology that brings 24x7 high bandwidth internet access into homes and businesses over copper telephone lines. DSL technology allows data transmission at speeds much faster than regular computer modems. The minimum speed for DSL is 64Kbps while a regular computer modem has a maximum of 56Kbps. DSL is also known as xDSL, with the ‘x’ standing for various kinds of DSL technologies. These technologies differ in the connect speed and connection (asymmetric or symmetric) they provide. A point to note in DSL technology, whatever the flavor, is that there’s a trade-off between speed and distance. That is, the more the distance between your premises and those of the service provider, the lower the speed you’re likely to get. So, DSL works best if you’re closer to the premises of your service provider. PNCC offers different DSL packages. For more information, Top please contact either Customer Service at 488-9000 or the Sales Section at 488-9600.
What is PalauNet dial-up service? Dial-up service means that you dial in to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) via a local phone number to connect to the Internet. Dial-up service is an on-demand (as opposed to dedicated DSL at 24x7) connection over a telephone line using modems. Dial-up service requires a computer (laptop/notebook) with a modem and dialup configuration. In addition, you need to register for a Username and Password at PNCC Customer Service in either Koror or Airai Top . PalauNet dial-up service supports modem speeds of 28K, 33.6K and 56K.
What is Palaunet? PalauNet is the name given to Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) Internet and Data Services (Dialup and DSL). Visit Customer Service in either Koror or Airai to apply for PalauNet service(s) and/or to get more information. Top
What is LocalNet? LocalNet is the name given to the “Free Access” for PalauNet E-mail and local websites. Free means your time on-line is not charged but you would still need to sign-up for an e-mail account to in order to use LocalNet. This is an ideal service for users who do not want to Top have Internet access but e-mail service only. LocalNet Access Number: 762-7622
What is an IP address? IP stands for Internet Protocol. An IP address serves to identify a computer or any other networked device on a network, thus making communication and exchange of information between computers possible. An IP address is formatted as 4 sets of numbers, each having a value between 0 and 255, separated by dots. An IP address looks like Top
What does TCP/IP mean? TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, which is a set of networking protocols or language that allows two or more computers to communicate. The Defense Data Network, part of the Department of Defense, developed TCP/IP and it has now been widely adopted as a networking standard. Internet requires TCP/IP to work. Top
Why is it that sometimes it takes so long to retrieve messages from PalauNet? This sometimes happens due to a large file attached to your email. You can close your current email program (MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, etc.) and open your browser and go to PalauNet WebMail at http://mail.palaunet.com Login with the same username and password and look at all your emails on the server. Most likely, you will see an email with big attachment. You can delete it or download to your computer and remove from the server. Then close WebMail and resume mail retrieval using MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora or other email program. Top
I’m having problems sending and receiving emails through my PalauNet account. Do you successfully connect to the PalauNet server? If yes, then verify the email settings in your email program, most likely you would be using MS Outlook or Outlook Express. Try the following:
For Outlook Express:
1. Select>Tools>Accounts>Mail Properties Servers and make sure that
2. Incoming mail (POP3): mail.palaunet.com
3. Outgoing mail (SMTP): mail.palaunet.com
4. Verify username and password
5. Click OK or Apply to save changes.

Microsoft Outlook:
1. Select>Tools>Email Accounts View or Change Existing Email Accounts Next Change and make sure that 2. Incoming mail (POP3): mail.palaunet.com
3. Outgoing mail (SMTP): mail.palaunet.com
4. Verify username and password
5. You may click on “Test Account Settings”. This will test your email settings and will tell you if you still have errors. Top
PPP Link Control Protocol was terminated. Your username is already logged on to the LocalNet at 762-7622 or Internet at 762-2050. Therefore you cannot establish a connection. Do you know of anyone who might be using your username from another computer to dialup to LocalNet or Internet? Either you can wait until your username has logged off from the system and then try to connect or call the PalauNet Technical Support (587-9696) for disconnection of the username from the system. You are advised to change your Dialup password immediately to prevent unauthorized use of your account. PNCC cannot be held liable for disputed usage resulting from unauthorized access of the account. Top
How long does it take to receive an email sent to me? Within PalauNet, meaning from another Palaunet user to you, this should be instantaneous. The message will remain in the mailbox of its recipient until the recipient logs in and retrieves it. It is advisable that you log in regularly and retrieve your mails. However, these days with overloads of SPAM mails, PalauNet emails undergo a filtering process before they leave the server and are delivered to the mailbox. This takes just a few min Top utes on the average unless there are a lot of messages to filter which can take up to several hours.
Do I use my FREE hours or am I charged if I fail to connect to the Internet or LocalNet? If your computer fails or is unable to establish a connection to the PalauNet serv Top er for the Internet, there will be no charge against your FREE hours and/or no additional charges.
How do I check my PalauNet email while I am away from Palau? You can check your PalauNet email from anywhere in the world, as long as your have access to internet. From internet, go to http://mail.palaunet.com for PalauNet WebMail. If you are using Outlook Express or MS Outlook, make sure your SMTP and POP3 settings are set to “mail.palaunet.com”. Top
Why do I get frequently disconnected? There are a few possible reasons. Please check the following: 1. Once you are online and the telephone line you are using is accidentally or intentionally lifted, your connection will be lost.
2. If you have call waiting, the constant beeping will interrupt the transmission flow and will disconnect your connection.
3. The telephone line to the modem port of your computer is loose and therefore, your connection will be lost.
4. If all of the above has been tried and does not help, remove other devices using the telephone line and use the line for the modem only. Try this and observe if there is any improvement. If this eliminates frequent disconnections, then some of the devices were interrupting the connection.
5. If none of the above help, check your modem settings, call a computer vendor for assistance or PalauNet Technical Support at 587-9696. Top
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