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What if the image on the screen turns into little boxes or a mosaic-type pattern, or it turns blue or green? The little boxes, called pixels, indicate that your signal is weak. First you can check if your cable is loose, but if that doesn’t fix it then please report it to the PNCC Trouble Desk, 611. A blue or green screen means your signal is out, and/or if there is a blue box on a blank screen with the words “No Signal” inside, then you should also call 611. Top
How do I use the remote control for the Set Top Box? Always use your TV remote control first to power on your TV set. Next, turn on the Set Top Box remote by pressing the red button at the top. If the set top box does not prompt you to set Channel Guide, you can manually set it by pressing MENU, select System Option from on screen menu, and select Restore Default. It will take a few minutes, after which you will need to press EXIT to return to the regular set top box remote functions. If prompted to set Channel Guide, select OK (make it purple) and press OK on the remote control. When you turn off your Set Top Box, don’t forget to turn off your TV set too to save power. Top
What if the power goes out, when it comes back on will my digital TV work? The set top box will always be turned on after a power outage. The round button on the set top box can be used to power up or power down the set top box, press to power up and depress to power down. Some TV sets will come back on and some will not, if not just turn it on again. Top
How do I program the parental control feature? Press MENU, select System Option, select System Option again, and select Parental Controls. This will give the option of blocking a channel, blocking Set Top Box (STB), blocking MENU, or blocking any combination of the three. Blocking means requiring a password to use. The password may be set in Parental Controls or in STB Edit. The default password is 0000. Please take care to remember your password; if you forget it, you will be required to return the STB to PNCC for reprogramming. Top
How do I connect the Set Top Box to my TV set? Use the black cable that comes with your Set Top Box. It plugs into the color coded inputs on your TV set, yellow for video, red and white for audio, and then into similarly color-coded outputs on the Set Top Box. Top
Why does the picture freeze for a few seconds whenever I change the channel? Don’t worry, this is normal. Whenever you change a channel, the Set Top Box must convert the incoming digital signal so your TV set can display it. Top
What about the question box that pops up, about Renewing the Channel Guide? It appears every time you turn on the set top box, because there may have been changes to the Channel guide. Most of the time all you have to do is click “cancel” when it appears. If there seems to be something significantly different in Channel Guide, then it is recommended to select OK, and Renew the Channel Guide. Top
Why do I need a Set Top Box? Each digital TV subscription, including additional outlets, operates with a Set Top Box (STB) which remains the property of PNCC (a deposit is required). The Set Top Box converts the incoming TV digital signal so that your TV can receive it. Each box comes with a Smart Card that is pre- programmed with all your subscriber information. Don’t remove the Smart Card from your Set Top Box and protect it from damage—your TV service won’t work without it. If your Set Top Box and/or Smart Card are ever lost or stolen, please report it immediately to 611. PNCC will deactivate the Smart Card so no one else can use your TV subscription. Top
How do I listen to the digital music options? Click on the yellow button (TV/Radio) from any channel. To see the music channel list, scroll up or down to change music channel. Press the yellow button again to return to TV mode Top
How do I program my own favorite channel line-up? Press the blue button (SET)  to set the channels in your favorites list, to rearrange the channel line up to your liking or to cancel channels from being displayed when browsing, by following directions on bottom of screen. Press the red FAV button u to see the list of channels saved in your favorites list. Top
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