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Frequently Asked Questions
GSM Mobile Wireless Service
What is GSM Mobile Wireless Service? GSM wireless service, or Global System for Mobile communications, is the most dominant technology with over 71% of the world market, especially in Europe, Asia, and the Pacific region, with continuing growth elsewhere in the world including the U.S. There are a variety of GSM systems operating at 850, 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz. Top
How can I call long distance? Prepaid Service (779): Both local and long distance calls can be made with an Airtime card. Dial overseas calls the same as from a landline: 011 + country code + city/area code + local number Long distance calls incur a per minute airtime charge as well as the applicable long distance rate. Monthly Plans (775): Subscribers have several options: call long distance with Debusch prepaid cards, Debusch charge card accounts (“909”) or sign up for a long distance account (IDDD) with PNCC and dial direct with fewer numbers. Long Distance Dialing Instructions for 775 Accounts: Using Debusch Prepaid Cards: Dial 800-8010 ($10/$15 cards) Dial 800-8025 ($25 cards) Using Debusch Charge Cards (“909”): Dial 800-8006 IDDD Accounts: Dial 011 + country code + city/area code + local number. Top
If I already have PNCC wireless service, do I have to apply or sign up in order to use international texting? Both 779 (Prepaid) and 775 (Postpaid) wireless customers can use the service without additional sign-up required. An IDDD subscription is not required for 775 numbers to send international text messages, only for long distance voice calls. Top Top
Can I send text messages? Yes, PNCC’s GSM service offers SMS (Short Message Service), also called “texting.” All GSM customers can send and receive SMS messages to each other within Palau. Note: To get started using texting you must set the “Service Center” to +6807790000 on your phone. This is a phone option, so please check your phone’s manual for instructions. Top
What about Caller ID? The phone numbers of incoming calls to your wireless phone are displayed on your unit. The display of the incoming number allows you to decide whether you want to accept the call or not. Your wireless number also shows up on land line Caller ID service, as well as on other wireless phones. Top
What is the coverage area? The coverage area extends throughout Palau. Koror is served by digital antennas in Ngermid, Meyuns, Malakal, and at the Surangel’s building. Other cell sites are in Airai, Melekeok, Ngarchelong, Ngardmau, Ngaraard and Peleliu. Additional sites are being procured and will be installed to enable full coverage from Kayangel to Angaur.

IMPORTANT: GSM digital wireless service quality in any area may vary depending on such factors as network traffic, signal strength, the type of phone equipment, weather and terrain. Wireless service is not intended to replace marine radio communications. Top
How do I sign up for wireless service? To get started using digital wireless service, you need a GSM-900 cellphone. Then just visit the PNCC office in Koror and Airai and pay an activation fee and a one-time charge for your SIM card. For prepaid service, there are no credit checks or deposits required.
What is a SIM card? GSM phones are activated and operated using SIM cards that are inserted into the phone. SIM stands for Subscriber Identity Module. It’s a smart card containing the telephone number of the subscriber, encoded network identification details, the PIN and other data such as the phone book. A user’s SIM card can be moved from phone to phone as it contains all the key information required to activate the phone. Top
What kind of phone works with the PNCC system? GSM phones for 900 MHz. Tri-band phones that can operate at three different frequency bands (for instance 900/1800/1900 MHz) are recommended, also sometimes called “World Phones.” Just make sure that your model is designed to operate on 900 MHz, which is the frequency of Palau’s digital wireless system. Being able to operate on the other bands will be useful if you intend to take the phone when you travel overseas, but it is not required in order to operate your phone within Palau. Your GSM phone must be SIM UNLOCKED. Sometimes phones are sold very cheaply because they are locked and can only be used on the system that first sold the phone. Nobody but the original system operator can unlock these phones. Top
What is International Texting Service? International Texting, or International Short Message Service (ISMS), enables text messages to be sent to and from PNCC wireless cell phones to cell phones overseas. Top
What are the charges for international texting? Incoming international text messages are free to PNCC subscribers and outgoing messages are just 20 cents per each send of 160 characters. For prepaid (779) customers, the charges for outgoing messages will simply be deducted from the regular Airtime load. For postpaid (775) wireless customers, international messages will be billed in addition to the monthly plan rate. Top
Which calling features are offered? Both prepaid (779) and postpaid (775) accounts enjoy several convenient calling features: Call Waiting with Caller ID, Call Forward to a local or international number and Call Hold. Airtime charges apply only when you use the features. To use any of the features, all you have to do is turn it on in your cell phone menu. Availability of features varies according to phone model. Please check your cell phone’s user manual. Long distance rates also apply to Call Forward-International and 775 numbers must have an IDD (long distance) account to forward to international. Top
How do I reply to an international text message? Replying is the same as sending a text message, you need to type in your message then enter 00 + country code + cell phone numb Top er.
Where can I send international text messages? With PNCC’s International Short Message Service (ISMS), you can send two-way text messages between Palau and many overseas mobile operators, including: GuamCell, MPulse (GTA) and IT&E in Guam, HafaTel in Guam and the CNMI,  T-Mobile and AT&T Wireless in the United States, Smart, Globe, Digitel and CURE in the Philippines, Vodafone in Japan, Telecom Fiji, FSMTC, Telecom New Zealand, Starhub in Singapore, Hutchison 3G in Australia and Hongkong, China Mobile and China Unicom, PTC in Saudi Arabia, Bakrie Telecom in Indonesia, Du in United Arab Emirates, NTC in Nepal, Hutchison Telecom and Vinafone in Vietnam, plus BTA Cellcom, Reliance Telecom and BPL in India, and others.

PNCC has already successfully tested one-way texting from Palau to many other mobile operators in other countries, but return message capability still needs to be implemented by the overseas operators and PNCC’s international provider.
How do I send an international text message? To send an international text message, after typing in your text message just dial 00 + country code + cell phone number (do not type in the spaces or the plus signs, just the numbers).

Note: Please dial the number carefully to avoid sending to the wrong number, since every text message sent via 00 will be charged 20¢ per send of 160 characters. Top
What if I send a text overseas and don’t get a reply back even though my friend says he/she tried to reply? There are several reasons you may not get a reply to your international text message.

1. Be sure that you are sending to a mobile operator that has been confirmed for two-way international texting (iSMS). PNCC can send to many operators but has only confirmed 30 that can send back to as of this date. We continue to work on adding more operators for 2-way texting.

2.Ask your friend to report the problem to their mobile operator (for instance Smart in the Philippines), to make sure they are using the correct dialing pattern for sending international text to Palau.

If you continue to have problems, please report it to 611 with as many details as possible, including your originating number, the overseas cell number, and the date. Top
Who do I call for more information? For more information about PNCC’s services, please call Customer Service at 488-9000. For dialing assistance, please call PNCC’s operator (0) from 7:00am to 12:00am (midnight)daily. For trouble reports, please call 611. Top
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Country (in Alphabetical
ISMS Dialing Instructions (from Palau) Enter numbers only with no space
Mobile Operator
Hutchinson 3G
00 + 61 + cell #
TM International (Bangladesh) Ltd., Sheba Telecom
00 + 880 + cell #
China (People's Republic)
China Mobile, China Unicom
00 + 86 + cell #
Hafa Tel
00 + 1 +670 + cell #
Telecom Fiji
00 + 679 + cell #
FSM (Federated States of Micronesia
00 + 691 + cell #
GuamCell, HafaTel, MPulse (GTA), IT&E
00 + 1 + 671 + cell #
Hong Kong
Hutchinson 3G, Peoples, SmartTone
00 + 852 + cell #
BTA Cellcom, Reliance Telecom, BPL
00 + 91 + cell #
00 + 62 + cell #
00 + 81 + cell #
KT Freetel, SKT, LG Telecom
00 + 82 + cell #
00 + 977 + cell #
New Zealand
Telecom New Zealand
00 + 64 + cell #
Smart, Globe, CURE, Digitel
00 + 63 + cell #
Saudi Arabia
00 + 966 + cell #
00 + 65 + cell #
00 + 66 + cell #
United Arab Emirates
00 + 971 + cell #
United States
T-Mobile, AT&T Wireless
00 + 1 + area code + cell #
Hutchison Telecom Vietnam, Vinafone
00 + 84 + cell #
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