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Frequently Asked Questions
GSM Voice Mail Service
What are the charges for Voice Mail Service?

There is no monthly service charge, and it’s free to check your Voice Mail messages from either your cell phone or a landline.  Incoming messages are charged regular Airtime rates, at a minimum of one minute per message and a maximum of two minutes each.

For postpaid (775) custo Top mers, the Airtime minutes will be deducted from the minutes included your plan just like a regular voice call.  For Wireless Volume Plan customers, voice mail messages are the same as voice calls: those made between members of the plan are free, while voice mail messages from numbers outside the plan count as part of the monthly 500 included minutes and are charged 25 cents per additional minute.
What if I forget my password?

Please contact Customer Service at 488-9000 for assistance.  Your password can be reset so you can set up a new password.  There may be a charge for this service. Top
How do I set up or change my password?

Just call the Voice Mail system by dialing 777 from your cell phone, then press 2 for Set Mailbox; press 3 for Set Password and follow the voice instructions.
What is GSM Voice Mail Service?

With Voice Mail for your cell phone, you can get messages when your cell phone is busy, turned off/not answered or out of the service area.  Other benefits include:

1. You can check messages from your cell phone or any landline in the world.
2. You can personalize a greeting and change it at any time.
3. You can turn on Caller ID for callers who don’t leave a message
4. Each message has a date and time notation
5. Personal password protects your privacy
6. New messages (unopened) are saved for 14 days; old (opened) messages are kept for 7 days
Is there a limit on the number of messages?

Yes, your V Top oice Mail box can hold 15 messages maximum.  New (unopened) messages are saved for 14 days in the system; messages you open and store are kept for 7 days. 
How do I activate or deactivate the Caller ID feature for Voice Mail messages?

GSM Voice Mail Service displays the caller’s phone number, so even if they don’t leave a message you know who called.  You can turn off Caller ID on your Voice Mail messages if you prefer. Just dial into the Voice Mail system (777 from your cell phone or 776 from a landline) and press 2 for “Set Mailbox” and select “Caller ID” by pressing 7, then follow the voice instructions. Top
How do I activate Voice Mail on my cell phone number?

Just turn Voice Mail on in your cell phone by Call Forwarding to Voice Mail Number 777.  You may select any or all of the available options: Call Forward when busy, Call Forward when out of the service area and/or Call Forward when turned off/not answered.  

IMPORTANT: When you activate your Voice Mail box, you must also set your password to keep your messages private. Call the Voice Mail system by dialing 777 from your cell phone; press 2 for Set Mailbox then press 3 for Set Password and follow the voice instructions.


1. Call Forward Top ing Unconditional (Call Forward all calls) is not available.  In some cell phones Call Forward is named “Divert”.  Please check your cell phone manual for more information.
2. Available features vary by cell phone model.  If you are following all the instructions properly and still cannot activate Voice Mail it is possible this is not an option offered by your cell phone model, please check the user manual.
If I already have PNCC wireless service, do I have to apply or sign up in order to use Voice Mail Service?

No application or sign up is required and it’s available fo Top r all cellular customers, including prepaid (779 & 778) and postpaid (775) numbers. 
How do I check my Voice Mail box for messages?

To check voice mail from your cell phone dial 777 (FREE) and follow the voice instructions.

To check voice mail from a landline dial 776 (FREE).  When you dial 776, the system will request your cell phone number and your password. If you haven’t set up your password yet, call 777 from your own cell phone and press 2 for Set Mail Box, then 3 for Set Password.

TIP: You may start entering your cell phone number followed by the # key as soon as you hear the Welcome message.

Press 1 to check messages; while your message is playing or after it ends, you can press 2 to delete it, and 3 to store (save) it. NOTE: unopened messages are saved for 14 days in the system. Messages that you open and store (save) are kept for 7 days. To check voice mail from overseas, dial 680-777-7777 (a long distance call charged at the applicable rates of the number you are calling from). Top
How do I know if I have received a Voice Mail message?

A text message indicator will appear in your cell phone display.  When you check your messages the Voice Mail will appear as an incoming text from a PNCC 6-digit number: 777777.  Just open it the way you check regular text messages. Top
How do I deactivate Voice Mail on my cell phone number?

All you have to do is cancel any Call Forwarding to 777 that you have previously set up: i.e., cancel Call Forward when busy, Call Forward when out of the service area and/or Call Forward when phone is turned off/no answer. Top
How many rings before an incoming call goes to Voice Mail?

The number of rings before a call goes to Voice Mail is usually programmable in your cell phone settings. Refer to your cell phone user manual. Top
How do I personalize the greeting in my Voice Mail box? 

Just dial into the Voice Mail system (777 from your cell phone or 776 from any landline), press 2 to set mail box, then press 1 for “Record a Greeting” and follow the voice instructions.  There are four options for greetings:

1. Personalized Greeting (maximum 30 seconds)
2. Temporary Greeting (maximum 30 seconds)
3. Host Name Greeting (maximum 10 seconds) – inserts your name into the System Greeting (instead of your cell phone number)
4. System Greeting (preset) – this is the default PNCC greeting that announces your cell phone number.

TIP: you can change your greeting anytime if you want to give your callers updated information about where you are or when you will be able to call back. Use the Temporary Greeting option and then just delete it when you want to revert back to your Personalized Greeting or the System Greeting. Top
Who do I call for more information?

For more information about PNCC services, please call Customer Service at 488-9000. For trouble reports, call 611.
What happens if I have Call Waiting service turned on in my cell phone? 

Call Waiting takes precedence over Voice Mail so you can pi Top ck up the second call if you like; if you do not answer it will be forwarded to Voice Mail.
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