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Customer Support > FAQ > SMS/Texting to Email Service
Frequently Asked Questions
SMS / Texting to Email Service
Can I send an email message to a non-PNCC cellular phone?
Sending an email message to a non-PNCC cellular phone is dependent on the designated cellular service provider of that cellular. You need to contact the person you want to send a message to and ask them to find out from their cellular service provider if such a service is offered and, if so, what email address you should enter into the "To" section of your email message header. Top
Who do I call for more help with email to SMS/Texting service?
Please call PNCC Customer Service at 488-9000. For Trouble Top Reports, call 611 24/7.
How do I send an email as a text message to a PNCC wireless cellphone?
Email to SMS = Send emails to the PNCC wireless cellphone number @sms.palaunet.com as follows:
Important: the + sign MUST be entered before 680.
               + 680775xxxx@sms.palaunet.com
               + 680779xxxx@sms.palaunet.com

An email message appears in your text message inbox as 800+ your own cellphone number. E.g if your cellphone number is 7791234, the email will appear as coming from 8007791234.

Be sure to use text (not html) format for email messages sent to cellphones, with no graphics, images or special fonts.  Top
Can I send or receive pictures and attachments?
No, only text messages. The ability to send or receive pictures and attachments is another new service under development and will be announced to PNCC customers when available. Top
What is SMS/Texting to email service?
SMS/Texting to email service enables two-way messaging between PNCC wireless cellphones and any email address in the world, i.e.:
1. Email messages can be sent to PNCC wireless cellphones as text messages
2. Text messages from a PNCC wireless cellphone can be sent to any email address in the world Top
If I am already a PNCC wireless subscriber (775 or 779), do I need to sign up to use SMS/Texting to Email service?
No, any 775 or 779 account with a cellphone capable of sending and receiving text messages (SMS, or Short Message Service) can use the service with no additional sign up required. Top
How do I send a text message to an email address?
If you have not yet tried sending local text messages from your cellphone, you must sent the "Service Center" on your phone to +6807790000. This is a phone option, so please check your phone's manual for instructions.
Note: If your cellphone can send and receive messages, you should be able to use this service. However, some cellular phone models may not be able to send or receive text messages sent through email.

Select the function in your cellphone for writing text messages (on some models there will be an SMS-Email option you can select). Write the message as follows:

email address_space_message content
Example: pncc@palaunet.com hello
Reminder: You MUST enter a space after the email address before you type the message.

Send your text message to: 999 
How do I reply to an incoming text message on my cellphone from an email address?
It's the same as sending any text to email (see detailed instructions above). Top
Is there a limit on the size of outgoing text messages from cellphones to email addresses?
Yes, the size limit each outgoing message is 160 characters; you may send messages longer than 160 characters if your phone model allows it, but the message will be charged at 6¢ per each 160 characters. Top
If my text message to an email address doesn't get deleivered, will I received a non-delivery notice back on my cellphone?
If your cellphone model offers this feature, then the PNCC system will deliver the non-delivery notice to you. Top
Is there a limit on the size of incoming email messages to cellphones?
No, for incoming text messages from email addresses, there is no particular limit on the number of characters that can be processed by the PNCC wireless system. However, how the email appears in your phone display will depend on your cellphone model, it may show up as one long message or several different messages. Also, you should use text format only to send email to cellphones (not html), with no graphics or images. Top
How much does it cost to send and receive text messages to email addresses?
This service is charged the same as local SMS/Texting service:

For 779 and 775 PNCC Wireless subscribers:
  • Incoming text messages from email addresses are FREE
  • Each text message sent to an email address anywhere in the world is charged to 6¢ for each set of up to 160 characters that you send
  • For 775 Unlimited and Volume plans, SMS/Texting to email is included and not charged additional, the same as any local SMS/Texting.

For customers sending emails from a computer to PNCC wireless cellphones:

  • Sending email as text messages to cellphone is just like any other email.
    1. If you log on to LocalNet (762-7622) there are no Internet time charges to send email.
    2. If you log on to international Internet access (762-2050), Internet time charges will apply.
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