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Call Long Distance

You may call collect to parties outside of the Republic of Palau if the person or firm you are calling agrees to accept the charges. When the operator comes on the line, say you are placing a collect call and give your name. The operator will inform you to go ahead if the other party agrees. (Currently, it is not passible to accept incoming collect calls from outside of Palau.)
The following countries/areas are authorized for collect calls from Palau: Saipan (CNMI) and the U.S. Mainland.
• To place a collect call to the U.S. Mainland, dial 02222.
• For collect calls to Saipan (CNMI), dial “0”.
• If you need help, dial “0” for assistance.

GENERAL INFORMATION Overseas calls may be placed with the assistance of an operator. Operator-assisted calls are station-to-station and person-to-person calls. If you wish to obtain the length of time you talked and applicable charges after the call is completed, you must notify the operator before placing the call. If you have a bad connection, get a wrong number, or are cut off during your call: please hang up; call the operator; explain the problem; and the operator will assist you.

STATION-TO-STATION These are calls in which the caller will speak with anyone who answers the phone, including recordings on answering machines. Charging begins the moment the called telephone is answered.

PERSON-TO-PERSON These are calls in which the caller wishes to speak to a particular person. When the operator comes on the line, say that you are placing a person-to-person call and give the name of the person to whom you wish to speak. The operator will ask for your particular party and charges do not begin until you have started talking to that person. These calls may be more expensive than station-to-station calls.Person-to-person charges also apply if your party was not available and you decided to speak with anyone at that number.

INTERNATIONAL DIRECT DIALING (IDD) Customers who choose to have IDD service may call other countries by simply dialing the appropriate country and city codes. For placing International Direct Dialing calls, dial (without pausing): 011+CountryCode+CityRouting or Area Code +Local Number.  For example, if you were to place a direct-dial call to Los Angeles, California, USA, you would dial: 011 + 1 + 213 + 234-5678

HOW TO ACCESS USA 1-800 NUMBERS (PAID 1-800 Service)
1-800 = 011 + 1-880-xxx-xxxx
1-888 = 011 + 1-881-xxx-xxxx
1-877 = 011 + 1-882-xxx-xxxx
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