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Use Internet/Email Account

HomeNet Prepaid Home DSL

Activating Your Account.  While your application is being processed including a credit check (process takes about 48 hours), you may check with our customer service representative in Koror or Airai (488-9000) for user to registration.

E-mail Set-Up Tips It’s easy to get started. You must have e-mail software like MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, or Netscape Mail.
1. Most modems are already installed and configured for e- mail and Internet browsers. Set your dial-up networking settings to dial PalauNet at 762-7622 (LocalNet) in order to access your e-mail. If your modem is not set up, read the manual that came with system you bought or check with your computer vendor. )
2. Configure your email software POP3 and SMTP to the following settings. When in doubt, follow the simple instructions available in the HELP section of your email program by typing "POP3" or " "SMTP". * Incoming Mail Server (POP3) = mail.palaunet.com * Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) = mail.palaunet.com * PalauNet DNS = (Required if you are on a direct network, not for dial-ups)
3. Once connected, PalauNet will ask for your user ID. At the prompt, type the USER ID and Password supplied with this account.

Internet Browser Set-Up Tips
Windows 95/98/NT/2000 PPP Settings
1. Double click on MY COMPUTER
2. Double click on DIAL-UP NETWORKING
3. Double click on MAKE NEW CONNECTION
4. Type in the name of your connection. You may use "PALAUNET", if you wish. Internet Browser Set-Up Tips, continued
5. Type in telephone access number: 762-2050
6. Click NEXT
7. Click FINISH (Shortly, you'll see your connection icon)
8. Double click on new connection icon, enter User-ID and password
9. Click connect and that's it!

If your browser does not automatically launch at this point it’s your cue to bring up TCP/IP applications such as Netscape or Microsoft Internet Explorer. You may improve your browser's ability to find websites by assigning DNS server. Please note that Win 2000 has a slightly different way of accessing its Network and Dial-Up settings. Check the "HELP" section of Window 2000 by clicking START and select HELP:

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