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Use Special Calling Services


“A ball game? Let’s get my son on the line and see if he wants to join us.” Now you can make your plans in one call, rather than three or four. With THREE-WAY CALLING, you can get everybody on the phone at the same time. It’s great, too, for the holidays or on birthdays, when you want to talk with friends and relatives at two other locations. And if you have a home business, you can now set up a conference call with your business associates.

To add a third person to your call:
• First, depress the switchhook* for about one second. This will place the person you’re talking with on hold.
• Listen for the dial tone. Then, dial the third person you want to join the conversation. (You can use SPEED CALLING codes if you have this feature.)
• When the third person answers, you can talk privately with this person before making the call a three-way conversation.
• To make the call a three-way conversation, depress the switchhook for about one second to add the person you have on hold. Your three-way call is now underway.

NOTE: If for some reason the call to the third person is not completed, or if someone else answers the phone and the person you desire to speak to is out, depress the switchhook twice to resume your conversation with the person on hold.

To disconnect the third person:
• Depress the switchhook for about one second. You’ll now have only the original party on the line. -or
• If either of the two people hangs up, you can continue talking with the remaining party. To disconnect completely:
• Simply hang up.

“You’re at your son’s house? I thought I called you at home! ” Now when you are away from your home, your calls can be automatically sent to you. With CALL FORWARD, there is no need to leave messages about where you are or reveal any forwarding numbers.

To forward your calls:
• Lift the handset and listen for the dial tone.
• Dial 72# (on rotary dial phones, dial 72 and wait four seconds).
• Again, listen for the dial tone.
• Now, dial the number where you want your calls to be forwarded. (You can use Speed Calling codes if you have this feature.)
• The CALL FORWARD feature is in effect when someone answers at the forwarding number.
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