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PNCC Completes Expansion of High-speed Internet to More Babeldaob States

December 10, 2013

Airai, Palau.  Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) is pleased to announce the completion of broadband internet infrastructure in more Babeldaob states, enabling high-speed access for DSL, HomeNet and Wi-Fi Hotspot services to most rural areas.

New states that now have high-speed Internet services are: Aimeliik, Ngatpang (including Ibobang), Ngardmau, Ngarchelong, Ngaraard, and Ngiwal. DSL, HomeNet and WiFi Hotspots are already available in Koror, Airai, Melekeok, and Ngaremlengui.

Residential customers in the above-listed Babeldaob states can now apply for HomeNet services, while businesses can apply to host WiFi Hotspots and/or subscribe to DSL. The final step of the Babeldaob project, to provide high-speed connectivity to Ngchesar State, is underway, and PNCC will inform customers when it is completed.

Angaur and Peleliu have high-speed WiFi access; however HomeNet and DSL availability is pending an upgrade to PNCC’s submarine fiber optic cable that connects Koror to Peleliu (currently scheduled for 2014).

HomeNet gives residential customers two convenient services in one affordable package: fixed line phone service plus a prepaid high-speed Internet access port in your home (with a DSL modem), for a low monthly rate of $20. To use high-speed Internet on your home computer, you simply purchase prepaid Debusch cards and log in with the Debusch PIN number. Customers with HomeNet can surf the Internet and make phone calls on the same line at the same time.

For more information about HomeNet, please visit PNCC Customer Service in Airai or Koror, or call 488-9000.

Businesses interested in subscribing to DSL or hosting WiFi Hotspots may call PNCC Sales at 488-9600.  .  


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