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Products and Services 
Products and Services

Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) is your one-stop shop for communications in Palau.  Our world-class technology offers clear, reliable connections and many convenient services to help improve your business and personal communications.  Our underground and underwater fiber optic network connects Palau's islands and our modern digital switching technology enables us to offer the same kinds of advanced telephone services enjoyed in big cities around the world.  PNCC offers:

LOCAL PHONE SERVICE INSTALLATION AND REPAIR.  Visit PNCC Customer Service in Koror or Airai to apply for local telephone, also for transfers and number changes.  Call 488-9000 or 587-9000 for more information.  Dial 611 for repair service. More Info >> More Info >> More Info >> More Info >> More Info >>  

LONG DISTANCE CALLING AND FAX SERVICES.  PNCC offers operator assisted calls, collect calling, international direct dialing, and Debusch International prepaid phone cards and charge cards, plus overseas calling booths in Airai and Koror (8:00 am to 4:30 pm Monday to Friday).  Dial 0 for long distance information and rates. Contact Customer Service (488-9000) to apply for long distance services.

ENHANCED CALLING SERVICES.  Also known as custom calling feautres, these services help you to get more out of your phone.  Sign up through Customer Service 488-9000.Caller ID - just one look and you'll know who is calling.Voice Mail - let us take messages for you.  This special answering  service lets you retrieve messages from any phone around the world and works even the power is out.

DIGITAL GSM WIRELESS SERVICE.  Enjoy the convenience of Digital GSM Wireless service, convenient features like Caller ID, text messaging, Call Waiting and Voice Mail. 

DIGITAL CABLE TELEVISION.  Enjoy a wide variety of channels and programming with PNCC's affordable Basic TV Service.  Premium channels are also offered, including HBO and Cinemax. Call customer service at 488-9000.

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Products & Services
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