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Language of Palau

Palauan (also called Belauan) is one of two official languages in Palau, the other being English. It belongs to the Western Malayo-Polynesian group of the Austronesian family languages.

Here are some useful greetings and common phrases to help visitors get started with the Palauan languages.
Hello, Look out! Alii. (a-LEE)
Stop, that's enough! Merkong! (Murr-GONG)
Don't forget. Lak mobes! (Lokko-mo-BESS)
Let's go. Dorael. (do-RILE)
Go away! Bom cheroid! (Bom-a-ROYD)
Have something to eat! Bo momengur. (Bo-mo-mung-OOR)
Come in. Bemtuu. (Bem-TOO)
Come! Mei. (MAY)
Like that. Ng uai sei. (WIGH-SAY)
No. Ng diak. (In-dee-AHK)
Yes. Choi, O' Oi. (OH-OY)
Thanks. Sulang. (Soo-LAHNG)
Thank you. Ke kmal mesaul. (Kuk-MAHL-ma-SAHL)
What happened to you? Ke K'lsakl? (Ke-K'LSAKL)
What are you doing? Ke mekerang? )Ke-mugga-RAHNG)
What's the latest? Ngera chised? (N-RAH-ee-SEDD)
How many? Ngtelag. (ngtel-AHNG)
What is the price? Ngtelang a cheral? (ngtela-ah-RAHL)
My name is _____. A ngklek a ____. (Ahng-KLEEK-a ____)
What is your name? Ngtecha ngklem? (ngte-AHNG-KLEMM)
I'm fine. Ak Mesisiich. (Ahk-mess-ee-SEE-uh)
How are you? Ke ua ngerang? (ka-wanna-RAHNG)
Come again (goodbye). Mechikung. (may-ee-KOONG)
I am leaving (goodbye). Ak morolung. (Ahk-more-oh-long)
Where are you going? Ke mo er ker? (ke-MORE-GARE)
Good evening. Ungil kebesengei. (ong-EEL-kebba-sung-AY)
Good afternoon. Ungil chodechosong. (oong-EEL-OTH-o-O-Song)
Good Morning. Ungil tutau. (oong-EEL-too-TOW)
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