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Customer Support::

Customer Service

COMPLAINTS.  All PNCC employees want to be as courteous and helpful to you as possible.  If you ever feel that the service provided to you is unsatisfactory, please report it to the Customer Service Office.
If you don't feel you've gotten satisfaction from the representative, ask to speak to a supervisor.  If you are still not satisfied, ask to speak with the  Department Manager.  We want to resolve any problems that may exist as quickly as possible.

IDENTIFICATION OF EMPLOYEES.  Customers may request employees of PNCC, whose duties require them to enter your home or other premises, to show their official PNCC identification cards.

Your PNCC Bill

YOUR BILL.  You will be billed $12.10/month for a residential phone line; $24.20/month for a commercial or government phone line, plus any other PNCC Services you have requested.  You will receive a consolidated billing statement for all your PNCC Services, including telephone (fixed line), Internet, cable TV, and wireless.  Your first bill will include a 30 days of monthly charges in addition to a fractional amount equal to the number of days of service prior to the billing date.

BILLING FOR CHANGES.  All changes, except for termination of service or elimination of certain option, involve a service charge.  The amount you are charged depends on the type of change requested.  All applicable installation charges described in other parts of PNCC's tariffs will apply to the establishment of Enhanced Calling Services.  Only one Central Office Connection charge will apply, regardless of the number of Enhanced Calling Features installed at one time.  Your Customer Service Representative can tell you the current charges for different services.

DUE DATES.  Bill are due and payable upon receipt.  PNCC should receive your payment by the date specified on the bill.  By paying your bill on or before the due date, you can be sure of maintaining a good payment record and avoid a late fee or interruption of service.

SERVICE RESTORATION.  Disconnected services can be reconnected upon full payment including 5% late fee or the past due amount, interest charges of 1.5% per month on the past due balance and a reconnection fee.
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BILLING QUESTIONS & ERRORS.  If you a have a question about your bill, call 587-9800.  Explain the possible error to your Billing Representative.  If the error cannot promptly resolved, please pay the undisputed charges on time so you'll maintain a good payment record while the problem is being investigated.
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