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DISCONNECTION FOR NON PAYMENT.  Bills are due and payable upon receipt.  When an undisputed amount is not paid within 30 days, your service is subject to suspension and or disconnection.  If the amount of the bill is excessive, and the situation indicates that PNCC may incur a substantial loss, your service may be disconnected prior to the deliquent date, without notification.  Returned checks may also place your account in jeopardy.  You will be assessed $30.00 for a returned check.  Previous amount due, plus the returned check charge must be paid within seven days from the date of notification to avoid interruption of service.

HOW AND WHERE CAN I PAY MY BILLS.  Bills may be paid by mail or in person at the cashier in the Airai Headquarters Office, PNCC Koror Business Office, Bank Pacific or the PNCC representation in Angaur, Peliliu and Kayangel.  Include the remittance section of your bill or your phone number when you mail your payment; when paying in person, please bring your complete bill with you.
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